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In-Demand: Comedy

As part of our efforts to help buyers find the best content to fill their slates, TV Kids is spotlighting new children's programs throughout the month of June in this series of weekly genre reports. This week, we're highlighting hot properties in comedy: Dandelooo's Stinky Dog, Superights' Pat the Dog, Mediatoon Distribution's Sardine in Outer Space and Serious Lunch's Gigglebug.


Stinky Dog

ImageCommissioned By: France Television,TV3 Catalunya, RTBF
Produced By: Folivari, Dandelooo, Panique!, Pikkukala
Rights Available: All international rights are available from Dandelooo.
Description: Based on the successful series of books by Marc Boutavant (author of Mouk’s World Tour), published by l'ecole des loisirs in France. The Stinky Dog series presents the hilarious and hectic adventures of a maverick mutt and a flattened cat. The 52x13-minute production is geared to kids 6 to 9 and family viewing.
Pitch Perfect: Stinky Dog proves to the whole world that kindness is the new super power—despite his stupidity!” says Emmanuèle Pétry-Sirvin, director of development and international at Dandelooo. Gennarino Romano, head of sales and distribution, adds, “Do you want to discover Stinky Dog's super power? Then, stick around Flatty Cat and the Parisian dog gang.”
Slot Winner: Over 1 million books sold in France, and a true international success: the books can be found all over the world, including in Germany, Italy, England, Canada, the U.S., Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary and China. Dandelooo has sold the animated comedy to DR (Denmark), Huashi (China) and RTS (Switzerland).
Sales Contacts: Emmanuèle Pétry-Sirvin, Head of International; Mélissa Vega, Head of Sales & Distribution (Spain, Latin America, Middle East and Asia); Gennarino Romano, Head of Sales & Distribution (Germany, Italy and Central Europe). 


Pat the Dog

ImageCommissioned By: S1: Canal+, RTBF, Ketnet, RAI; S2: France TV, RAI, Disney France
Produced By: Superprod, Animoka
Rights Available: Superights represents worldwide rights. S1: Free-TV and SVOD rights are available in some regions. S2: Available only in the U.S. and English-speaking Canada. Superights is also handling L&M rights.
Description: Tells the daily adventures of an ordinary little dog Pat and his owner Lola. Pat would do anything to save Lola's day, overcoming the insurmountable thanks to his improvised plans and canine genius. His missions are sometimes perilous, often surprising and, above all, constantly funny! Targeting kids 4 to 8, the show consists of 141 7-minute episodes, 4 22-minute specials and ten 1.5-minute shorts.
Pitch Perfect: Pat is a complete IP delivering a large volume of episodes. The second season offers a variety of formats to broadcasting partners with a new batch of 63 7-minute episodes as well as four specials, which are ideal for special programming events. Ten short-form episodes featuring the cute little cat Hoodie are ideal for promoting the series. There are digital games available on mobile, Instagram and Adictiz. After the “Space Dog” mobile game entertained 45 million players worldwide, Pat the Dog is now back in a new freemium and kid-friendly game launched last month. A range of L&M products are in development.
Slot Winner: The program is on air in more than 180 territories. Partners on the show include Turner (EMEA & AsiaPac), Radio-Canada, Disney Channel (U.S., Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Holland), MTVA (Hungary), TV3 Catalunya (Spain), RTS (Switzerland), Discovery Latin America, YLE (Finland), Televisa (Mexico), Mango TV (China), TG4 (Ireland), RTP (Portugal), RTI (Ivory Coast) and Viu TV (Hong Kong). Season three and a movie are in development.
Sales Contacts: Nathalie Pinguet (Canada, Western Europe, Nordics, Russia, Australia); Jeromine Ader (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, inflight); Pedro Citaristi (Asia, LatAm, Southern Europe); Louise de Staël (U.S.).


Sardine in Outer Space

ImageCommissioned By: Canal+ Family, Télétoon+
Produced By: Toon Factory
Rights Available: All rights available from Mediatoon Distribution.
Description: A 52x12-minute animated comedy based on the successful comics (13 volumes) by Joann Sfar, Emmanuel Guibert and Mathieu Sapin.
Pitch Perfect: The youngest and spunkiest space traveler in the entire universe! Follow Sardine, Little Louie and The Captain Yellow Shoulder’s intrepid crew in their never-ending fight against super villain Supermuscleman and his evil sidekick Dr. Krok. Aboard the Huckleberry spaceship, the joyous team will go on hilarious and quirky missions where imagination is the only limit.
Sales Contact: Jérôme Alby, Managing Director.



ImageCommissioned By: YLE (Finland), SRF (Switzerland)
Produced By: Gigglebug Entertainment
Rights Available: Serious Lunch represents the series, with English-language and dialogue-free versions now available.
Description: Based on the award-winning mobile app of the same title (more than 1 million downloads worldwide), the 52x5-minute series for preschoolers is set in an enchanted forest with a little bug with an irresistible laugh—could a cartoon character spontaneously and irresistibly make you catch the giggles?
Pitch Perfect: Gigglebug’s heartfelt and positive stories deal with friendship, overcoming challenges and recognizing emotions. 
Slot Winner: The series has been broadcast on Milkshake! (U.K.), RAI (Italy), SVT (Sweden), DRTV (Denmark), ERR (Estonia), ORF (Austria), Paka Paka (Argentina) and HOP! (Israel). It is among the top five highest-rated TV shows in Finland. 
Sales Contact: sales@seriouslunch.co.uk

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