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July 23, 2020


pocket.watch Turns Digital-First Brands into Global Franchises

Boasting more than 25 million YouTube subscribers for his channel Ryan’s World, 8-year-old Ryan Kaji has gone from posting online videos of him and his family to a full-fledged franchise known the world over—thanks to the backing of pocket.watch.


pocket.watch has positioned itself as a new kind of studio, creating global franchises from the YouTube stars and characters loved by Generation Alpha. The company partners with the top creators in digital media to produce content and associated products, ranging from toys to toothbrushes to TV shows.
Alongside Ryan—whose brand profile includes the live-action series Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, which has reached more than 33 million viewers across Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. over the course of three seasons—pocket.watch’s roster includes the successful HobbyKidsTV and Jason Vlogs. The company recently unveiled its brand plans around 6-year-old Diana from the YouTube channel Kids Diana Show. The Love, Diana franchise for kids ages 2 to 7 includes expansion of her YouTube channel—said to be the third-largest in the world—while extending into gaming, OTT streaming and a consumer-products line, including toys and apparel.
Thanda Belker, the senior VP of global distribution at pocket.watch, spoke to Kristin Brzoznowski, executive editor of World Screen, via video conference about the company’s global franchise-building strategy and the power of pocket.watch’s incredibly popular content creators in connecting with Generation Alpha everywhere they are.

See pocket.watch’s Summer 2020 Showcase here.

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Visit pocket.watch’s Screening Room here

pocket.watch Contacts: Stone Newman, Chief Revenue Officer; Thanda Belker, SVP, Global Distribution; Danny Spronz, Managing Director, EMEA; Anshuman Misra, Managing Director, APAC; Albie Hecht, Chief Content Officer.


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