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August 10, 2020


GMA Network Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Starting from a humble radio station in Manila in 1950, GMA Network has now evolved into a broadcast giant that provides audiences across the Philippines as well as around the world with top-flight programming, maintaining a leading position in the marketplace. This means there’s much to celebrate with its 70th anniversary this year.

***Image***GMA Network’s programming has been sold around the world, and the deal-making continued over the last few months amid the global coronavirus pandemic. “Buyers continue to look for fresh content that will draw and maintain viewership,” says Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP of GMA Network’s worldwide division. “GMA has an extensive library of content assets that provide solutions to help programmers continue to excite and engage their viewers.”

Traditional dramas, with themes focused on betrayal and revenge, continue to prove popular with partners in key territories such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, according to Barcelona. “However, there is an increased interest in non-traditional dramas with themes like crime, the supernatural and suspense. We find that the audience is attracted to these themes because of the intrigue and controversies, the thrill and excitement that our dramas have. These become a form of escape for viewers, especially during this time of a global pandemic.”

Among the traditional dramas that GMA Network has recently licensed in Southeast Asia and Latin America are A Place in Your Heart, about a young stepmother who fights for the love of her husband and stepchildren against the evil ex-wife who returns to destroy their new family; Ysabel, about a surrogate mother who loses her own child and decides to keep the baby she carried as her own; and The Half Sisters, GMA’s top-rated drama about twin sisters who share the same mother but have different fathers.

The company licensed its romantic comedy series Love You Two, about sisters who fall in love with the same man, to Myanmar and Thailand. Also sold into Myanmar, My Crown Princess is about a girl’s struggle to fulfil her dream of becoming a female ship captain, while the horror thriller Obsession tells the story of a woman who faces off with a strange rival: the vengeful spirit of her husband’s dead ex-girlfriend. The crime drama The Silent Thief, about a mother’s quest to find her abducted son, was licensed to Myanmar and Latin America.

“We believe that GMA dramas appeal to many viewers looking for themes that revolve around modern-day issues that affect society, give hope and touch the hearts of viewers,” says Barcelona.

As for the success of these programs in LatAm, she explains: “Filipinos have a lot in common with the people and culture of Latin America. Themes of family, spirituality and romance appeal emotionally to the Latin American market. The ratings success of GMA content in countries like Peru, Uruguay, and more recently, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic is an indicator that the region is ready for more Filipino content. GMA’s strong partnership with Latin Media Corporation (LMC) is instrumental in opening the door for Filipino dramas in LatAm, and we aim to expand our distribution to more countries in the region through LMC.”

***Image***Alongside successfully exporting its programming around the globe, there have been many milestones for GMA Network over the last 70 years. “Reaching seven decades is not an easy feat for any company in any industry,” says Felipe L. Gozon, chairman and CEO of GMA Network. “Needless to say, that there were many challenges along the way, but we are very proud of what we have achieved so far through our people’s dedication and our commitment to genuine public service.

“Aside from being the Philippines’ largest TV network in terms of stations and reach, GMA has also cemented its position as the country’s leading and most trusted in the industry with numerous recognitions here and abroad,” he continues. “We, however, do not rest on our laurels as we continuously strive to deliver only the best for our stakeholders, our beloved Kapuso, because that is what they deserve. In time for our 70th anniversary celebration, we unveiled our own digital TV receiver, the GMA Affordabox, as well as our new digital channel, dubbed Heart of Asia.”

As the network aspires to drive the migration from analog to digital viewing in the country, the company has developed the GMA Affordabox, which was specifically made to become accessible to millions of Filipino households. “On top of its very competitive price—which is significantly lower than the usual price of what our competitors offer in the market—the GMA Affordabox also has features that are suited for the evolving content consumption habits of Filipinos as it comes with a built-in multimedia player and a personal video recorder to enable them to record and rewatch their favorite GMA shows,” Gozon says.
The device also has a nationwide Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) that receives alerts about any disaster warnings in their area. It will automatically set off an alarm during emergencies with its functional auto-on alert feature for every household’s safety and preparedness.

This type of innovation is part of what has helped to keep GMA in its market-leading position throughout the years. “In order to maintain our lead and surpass our own achievements, we continue to evolve in content, platforms, technology and work process,” says Gozon. “Over the years, we have produced many game-changing and innovative programs and projects that created an impact in the TV industry and even, to a certain extent, in the Filipino culture.
“We continue to provide our viewers with a healthy balance of credible and relevant news and public affairs programming as well as meaningful storylines for entertainment,” he adds. “At GMA, quality is part of our daily drill, as we believe that quality content wins, no matter the platform.”

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GMA Network, Inc. Contact: Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP, Worldwide Division.


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