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February 9, 2021


MISTCO Presents the High Drama of The Innocents

Currently among the highest-rated dramas on TRT this season, The Innocents is one of the latest offerings from MISTCO. Produced by OGM Pictures and broadcast on TRT 1, the series follows the life of Han, his family and his love story with İnci, who has her own complicated relationships with family and friends. Han is a very attractive man and a very successful businessman, but his private life is complicated. He lives with his father and three sisters, all of whom have obsessive-compulsive disorder as a result of a very traumatic childhood. The story begins with the accidental encounter between İnci and Han.

“Even with such a short period since its launch, we have seen a lot of interest in the series from our international partners,” says Ayşegül Tüzün, managing director of MISTCO. “It is based on real-life stories, which make it easy for people to connect with the characters.”

In each episode, the series is increasing its ratings and creating huge social media buzz. The series keeps its position as the highest-rated drama of the season among all dramas broadcast in Turkey currently.

In this video interview, we hear from MISTCO’s Ayşegül Tüzün about the international appeal of The Innocents, producer Onur Güvenatam gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the series came together and lead actors Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Birkan Sokullu, Merve Dizdar and Ezgi Mola discuss the characters they play in the drama.

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More from MISTCO

The Innocents

***Video***(Drama, 100x45 min.) Adapted from the memories of psychiatrist Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, the story is based on real-life experiences. It tells of the lives of Han’s (Birkan Sokullu) family and the love story between him and İnci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), who has her own complicated relationships with family and friends.
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The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice

***Video***(Drama, 100x45 min.) An epic journey blended with love, secrets and struggle. Melikşah (Bugra Gülsoy) was forced to ascend the throne upon the death of his dad, Alparslan, on the same day he received news of the death of his beloved wife, Başulu. Left by her was her newborn son, Sencer. To preserve the balance of the state, Melikşah was forced to place Sencer in the custody of Nizamülmülk. Growing up without a father, Sencer (Ekin Koç) was trained by Nizamülmülk and the comrades of his grandfather, returning after many years as Sultan Melikşah’s bodyguard. Sencer knew Melikşah to be his father, whereas Melikşah did not know that Sencer was his son.
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An Anatolian Tale

***Video***(Drama, 100x45 min.) Taner is a young inventor living in a small town named Gedelli in the middle of the moor. Taner and his cousins Veysel and Ramazan had been dreaming of building an airplane for years and they finally succeeded. At the same time, they convince a company to invest in their airplane. The company decided to send an engineer to the town. This engineer is Taner’s childhood sweetheart, Dilek.
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Melek “A Mother’s Struggle”

***Video***(Drama, S1: 108x45 min., S2: ongoing.) There’s a theme of female strength and empowerment that runs throughout this drama series. The story centers on Melek (Nehir Erdoğan), a powerful woman who is willing to sacrifice everything for her children and stop at nothing to protect them.
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Golden Cage

***Video***(Drama, 51x45 min.) Sometimes love is born out of revenge. Zuluf (Almila Ada) and Kenan (Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu) are the children of two rival families. Their love will be nurtured by Zuluf’s tears and Kenan’s patience.
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Hold My Hand

***Video***(Drama, 206x45 min.) A love story between a well-educated beautiful girl, Azra (Alina Boz), and Cenk (Alp Navruz), the heir of a wealthy family. It started with a tragedy and later became fortune. A romantic but challenging story of a couple trapped between family and their love.
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My Champion

***Video***(Drama, 102x45 min.) The story of a father and his son. After his wife passed away, as the result of an incurable disease, Kafkas (Tolgahan Sayışman), who is a boxer, decided to give up everything until he learns that his son has the same disease. To save his life, it is time to go back for the last round.
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The Circle

***Video***(Drama, 61x45 min.) Cihangir (Serkan Çayoğlu) and Kaan (Kaan Yıldırım) are dragged into a game created by the mafia, money and death. Kaan is a prisoner and Cihangir is the so-called son of a big mafia member. Both young men are fighting against a criminal organization named “The Circle” for different reasons but with the same goals.
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The Last Emperor

***Video***(Drama, S1-4: 425x45 min., S5: ongoing) The story sheds light on the reign of the most powerful Ottoman Emperor of the 19th century, Abdulhamid Han (Bülent İnal). Abdulhamid Han was the most modern and innovative Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. But the Sultan had a hard time due to the traitors inside the palace and even the traitors in Abdulhamid's own family. This true story of history is a unique work.
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***Video***(Drama, 149x45 min.) This is the story of true love reuniting old enemies and reopening old wounds. Aziz (Kadir Doğulu) is the son of a wealthy businessman. Feride (Devrim Özkan) is a young and beautiful woman who lost her mother at a young age and gave up her dreams. When Aziz and Feride meet, it is love at first sight for Aziz, while Feride hates him very much. In order to ignite the flames of this love, Aziz sets traps for Feride to get fired from her job and start working for him, but Feride’s hate turns into love at the same intensity.
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MISTCO Contacts: Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director; Maria Espino, Sales Manager, LatAm; Zeynep Kayrak, Head, Marketing.


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