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January 19, 2021

FilmRise’s Danny Fisher on the Power of AVOD

In a relatively short period of time, FilmRise has grown to become one the world’s largest independent providers of content to AVOD streaming platforms. It has done so, in large part, by using its proprietary data analytics algorithms to identify content that has very high demand from viewers, which, in many cases, is either under the radar or significantly underestimated by the industry. A recent example is FilmRise’s acquisition of The Rifleman, a black-and-white TV series that is more than 60 years old. Analytics identified this series as having extremely high viewer demand, and FilmRise’s AVOD release of the show has verified its algorithms, as it is now one of the most popular programs in the AVOD space. Danny Fisher, the CEO of FilmRise, tells World Screen’s Kristin Brzoznowski more about the company’s unique data analytics algorithms in this video interview.


FilmRise owns and operates the world’s largest independently owned free ad-supported streaming network. The service generates 150 million monthly ad impressions on its content of over 30,000 movies and TV titles. Twelve of FilmRise’s apps are the world’s largest free AVOD services in their genres, including FilmRise True Crime, FilmRise Western and FilmRise Horror. There have been 31 million downloads of FilmRise apps.
As of late, FilmRise has increased its focus on original productions and co-productions, particularly in the true-crime genre, a favorite among its consumers. Last year marked its first co-production, Bloodline Detectives hosted by Nancy Grace. Leveraging the company’s ability to efficiently monetize content with key platform partners as well through its own branded apps that reach audiences worldwide, FilmRise is looking to expand its originals footprint across many genres. “We welcome opportunities to partner with production companies and entities for both scripted and unscripted series and films,” says Fisher. “You will most certainly be seeing an increased number of announcements along those lines from FilmRise in 2021.”
Looking ahead, the company is forecasting “massive growth” in the AVOD/FAST space, and for growth outside the U.S. to be much greater than in the U.S. “We’re seeing AVOD outside the U.S. grow at the rate that U.S. AVOD was perhaps three years ago,” says Fisher. He predicts that established AVOD platforms in the U.S. will continue to grow, and new platforms like Peacock will grow at a faster rate, as they have just started out. More new platforms appealing to niche audiences will proliferate, and that collectively will aggregate into a meaningful market share. “We also believe that smart TVs will grow their AVOD audience significantly,” he adds. “We have benefited from audiences who do not wish to pay for multiple subscriber services, whether cable or SVOD, and will learn that they can enjoy a high-quality streaming experience with subscription-free AVOD services—without even having to sign up in most cases.”

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FilmRise Contacts: Danny Fisher, President & CEO; Melissa Wohl, Head of Sales; Max Einhorn, Senior VP of Acquisitions & Co-Productions.


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