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June 18, 2020


Gusto TV Celebrates Diversity Through Food & Culture

After a production pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gusto TV’s studio is back up and running. The channel and global food brand has been producing about 80 to 100 hours of content each year, and the idea now is to increase production time, allowing everyone involved to slow down a bit and be more mindful about the process as a whole. More shows will be shot in the studio this year, versus field productions with outdoor locations, due to health and safety measures and travel restrictions. But Chris Knight, Gusto TV’s president and CEO, says this provides an opportunity to come up with “more, different and innovative programming” to make up for that.


By producing its content in-house, Gusto TV has benefited in numerous ways. One of which is that it can make sure the brand’s commitment to cultural diversity comes through on-screen. The company was founded on the idea that “we should celebrate our differences and celebrate the things that we have in common,” says Knight.

“Food is the one true global language, and Gusto speaks all dialects,” he adds. And this has long been a mantra of the brand, to joyously celebrate diversity through food and culture.

Knight spoke to Kristin Brzoznowski, World Screen’s executive editor, via video conference about the programming slate, channel rollout, audience engagement and what’s to come from Gusto TV.

See Gusto TV’s Summer 2020 Showcase here.

More from Gusto TV

Cook Like a Chef

***Video***(Food/cooking, 20x30 min., 4K) The modern, live-to-tape reboot features a diverse cast of four expert chefs with distinguished culinary backgrounds that inspire viewers how to cook, not what to cook.
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DNA Dinners

***Video***(Food/cooking, 16x32 min., 4K) A powerful and uplifting series that takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride of self-discovery, with delicious dishes along the way. Accompanied with recipes and short-form content.
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Bonacini’s Italy

***Video***(Food/cooking, S1: 15x30 min., S2: 15x30 min., 4K) An elegant food series featuring celebrity chef Michael Bonacini as he cooks sumptuous Italian fare. Marketing package includes 132 recipes, stylish webisodes and food photography.
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Flour Power

***Video***(Food/cooking, S1: 13x30 min., S2: 13x30 min., 4K) Set in a retro-style kitchen, the lovely host inspires viewers with simple to extravagant baked treats. Accompanied by 85 recipes, stunning webisodes and dazzling food photography.
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Spencer’s Big 30

***Video***(Food/cooking, S1: 13x30 min., S2: 13x30 min., S3: 8x30 min., 4K) Shot in real time, this fast-paced series features healthy, family-style meals made in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars. Accompanied by 115-plus original recipes, upbeat webisodes and stunning food photography.
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Fish the Dish

***Video***(Food/cooking, S1: 15x30 min., S2: 15x30 min., 4K) Beautifully shot 4K cooking series that celebrates sustainability while demystifying cooking seafood. Accompanied by 120-plus recipes with gorgeous videos and food photography.
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One World Kitchen

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The Urban Vegetarian

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Watts on the Grill

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The Latin Kitchen

***Video***(Food/cooking, 15x30 min., 4K) This upbeat, fast-paced series explores three Latin cuisines (Mexican, Venezuelan and Spanish) with three charming hosts. Turnkey marketing package includes 60 recipes, webisodes and photography.
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Visit Gusto TV’s Screening Room

Chris Knight, President & CEO
David Goldstein, COO
Krynn Wrigley, International Sales Manager


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