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June 15, 2020


Video Interview: How to Make a Successful TV Movie Today, With the Cast & Creative Team Behind Entitled

With the sudden passing of their pessimistic father, three (rather unhinged) siblings are left an inheritance far beyond their expected means, and they begin to uncover the secrecy of their dad’s double life. This sets up the plot of Entitled, a fast-paced dramedy distributed by Bowery Media.

Entitled comes from the creative minds of Ryan Sarno, Patrick Daly and Patrick Shay, friends and collaborators with a palpable chemistry that comes through in the final production. They joined stars Gabriella Piazza and Blake Rice for a video conference with Kristin Brzoznowski, executive editor of World Screen, as well as Wamiq Jawaid, founder and CEO of Bowery Media, to give a behind-the-scenes look at Entitled. The team also shares production insights and best practices on how to build a TV show amid today’s pandemic challenges.

Bowery Media is currently selling the dramedy as a series or a feature, produced by RPS Productions, worldwide—to cable or digital platforms.


Piazza plays Sophie McCockan, a single mother and elementary school teacher in her late-20s. Rice stars as Josh McCockan, also in his late-20s, an unemployed entrepreneur. The third McCockan sibling is Max, a naive holistic coach in his mid-20s, played by Patrick Daly.

The McCockans have lived their lives under the impression that they are just a normal, mundane, unremarkable family, living paycheck to paycheck. Their mother, Carol, and father, Steve, have shown them the constant struggle of surviving within the deteriorating middle class. But after Steve’s sudden death, the siblings find out that they have been a part of that upper class (the 1 percent even) this whole time. They also learn that their father had been financially providing for his mistress, Caroline, and their son (Josh, Sophie and Max’s half-brother), Derek, as well as Caroline’s daughter, Valerie, ever since they were all little kids. As they go digging into their dad’s past, the siblings uncover why the truth has been hidden from them all of these years: the answer as to how their father earned all of his money is also looking for answers from them, as well as a refund on their investments.

With heaps of dark comedy and witty dialogue, the characters in the show learn to understand the importance of family, and that when everything else in life is down the tubes, family—for the most part—is the only truth left. The audience comes to both love and loathe the characters; they’ll want to tune in each week to see who lifts their spirits and who sparks their ire.

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Bowery Media Contacts: Wamiq Jawaid, Founder & Head, Global Distribution; Ian Herman, Head, Development & Studio Relations.


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