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June 2, 2020

Serious Lunch

Serious Lunch’s Genevieve Dexter on Content that Entertains & Educates

The educational live-action series Operation Ouch! has been going strong on CBBC for eight seasons, with season nine in production and a slew of global sales to boot. When one of the twin doctors fronting the show contracted a mild case of the coronavirus, the team sprang into action to use the series as a teaching tool for young ones about health and hygiene related to COVID-19.

It’s this type of informative, and yet oh-so-entertaining, kids’ content that broadcasters are looking for these days, according to Genevieve Dexter, the founder and CEO of Serious Lunch. She also points to fantasy as an in-demand genre among children’s programming buyers at present. With its highly curated catalog—featuring shows such as the live-action adventure series The New Legends of Monkey and Tik Tak, which focuses on cognitive development for toddlers—Serious Lunch is ready to deliver.


Dexter spoke to Kristin Brzoznowski, World Screen’s executive editor, via video conference about launching new IP, such as The World According to Willow Wong, and staying connected amid the current global lockdown. Also the founder and CEO of the animation studio Eye Present, Dexter is able to speak from both a distribution and production perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a spirit of optimism, she believes there will be “an outpouring of beautifully developed properties” to come from the additional time and attention for projects that are in the development phase, once production is back to firing on all cylinders.

See Serious Lunch’s Spring 2020 Showcase here.

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Art Ninja

***Video***(40x26 min. & 15x20 min.) This BAFTA-nominated Dot To Dot Productions series for CBBC is a top-five-rating, new-look art show for kids interested in experimenting with modern art techniques.
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Bo & To's Family

***Video***(54x5 min./54x3.5 min.) Brand new stop-motion series starring Bori, Toto and Mochi. Our three eccentric rescue cats live above a café with their barista ‘servant’ and have fun entertaining his customers and hanging out with other neighborhood animals, especially when reality turns to fantasy.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


***Video***(52x5 min.) Based on the award-winning mobile app of the same title, this series is set in an enchanted forest with a little bug with an irresistible laugh.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com

Horrible Science

***Video***(10x26 min.) Based on the famous Scholastic books, this scripted “show within a show” comedy stars Ben Miller.
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Monty & Co

***Video***(34x11 min.) A musical puppet sitcom series for preschool children featuring a blended family living together in a house above their bring, buy and mend shop.
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Operation Ouch!

***Video***(100x26 min.) This ongoing, double BAFTA-winning, Emmy-nominated factual-entertainment show helps kids combat their fear of hospitals by showing them how amazing the human body is at fixing itself.
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Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter

***Video***(26x26 min.) The International Emmy Award-winning animated series from Studio Ghibli, based on the book by Astrid Lindgren.
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The New Legends of Monkey

***Video***(20x26 min.) A brand-new live-action adventure kids’ and family series from See-Saw Films about a young girl who discovers a lost statue of the Legendary Monkey King, an ancient god who has been imprisoned for 500 years. Together they will bring an end to demonic rule and restore balance to the world—or so they think.
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Tik Tak

***Video***(104x5 min.) Toddler show that stimulates children’s cognitive development in a relaxed, simple way. The use of non-verbal, non-narrative imagery, music and games focuses on colors, shapes, objects, animals and the context surrounding them.
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Visit Serious Lunch’s Screening Room.

Serious Lunch Contacts: Genevieve Dexter, Founder & CEO; Leila Ouledcheikh, Director of Global Sales.


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