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***World Screen March Edition***

Make sure acquisition execs across the globe know all about your spring/summer lineup by advertising in the May Digital Editions of World Screen, TV Latina and TV Listings. These editions will be sent out to our online database of 35,000 media executives on May 12, and heavily promoted in our five online daily newsletters, 11 online weekly newsletters and 22 websites for several weeks.
Our digital editions are hugely successful, averaging more than 20,000 impressions.

SPECIAL OFFER: We can offer you a full-page advertisement for US$1,500 or two pages for US$2,000.

Here are the value-added free benefits you will receive from advertising with us in May.

  1. Your company will also get a profile up front in the magazine. The profile includes a color image of a program, the headshot of your executive, and his/her highlighted quote.
  2. The profile will also be published in WORLD SCREEN NEWSFLASH or DIARIO TV LATINA in May spotlighting your new highlights.
  3. You will receive invaluable social media exposure by having your profile tweeted to @worldscreen@tvkidsdaily, @tvdramadaily, @tvrealdaily or @tvlatina’s followers.
  4. You will have your own Screening Room on our video portals WorldScreenings.com and TVLatinaScreenings.tv. In the absence of a physical market, this is the perfect opportunity for buyers around the world to screen clips of your latest shows.
  5. Your complete program listings will appear in the digital edition of TV LISTINGS.
  6. We will also run your complete program listings in the WORLD SCREEN APP and in the Spanish-language TV LATINA APP, both available for iOS and Android devices.
  7. We will place your electronic button advertisement on the home page of any one of our 11 targeted websites, TVKids.com, TVEurope.ws, TVFormats.wsTVReal.ws, TVAsia.ws, TVLatina.ws, TVDrama.ws, TVMEA.ws, TVUSA.ws, TVCanada.ws and TVNovelas.ws, for two months.
  8. Your company’s product news will receive priority treatment in our five online daily newsletters, 11 online weekly newsletters and 22 websites.
  9. Our digital editions are easily accessible: they can be read on a desktop, laptop or tablet, and with the Issuu app for iOS and Android you can download the edition for on-the-go reading.

Space Reservations: May 4
Advertising Materials: May 7

Please contact Ricardo Guise or Dana Mattison.
Premium placements are available!

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