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In-Demand: Québec Creates—Part 2

Québec has a unique position in the global television market as the generator of French-language media in North America, with productions that are both distinctive and highly exportable. One of its main assets is the variety and the appeal of its dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, children’s content and entertainment formats. In association with the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), the Québec cultural agency, World Screen is spotlighting this dynamic industry and its presence at MIPCOM this year.

Overseen by Québec’s Minister of Culture and Communication, SODEC promotes and supports the development of Québec’s cultural industry, at home and abroad. SODEC also coordinates umbrella operations and co-production initiatives at major international markets through the “Québec Creates” banner.

In the second of our Québec Creates reports before MIPCOM, we're highlighting a mix of comedies, kids' content and documentaries. You can see part one here.


C’est la vie! (Les moments parfaits)

ImageProduced By: Encore Television, Quebecor Content
Commissioner: TVA
Distributor: Encore International
Description: (Series, S1-2: 12x45 min.) Follows the journey of the Thomas family, whose lives are completely upended when an unforeseen event forces each family member to reassess themselves.
Pitch Perfect: “Filled with highs and lows, doubts and indecisions, viewers will witness the choices the series’ characters make in the hope of finding a better future.” —Chrystine Girard, Head, International Distribution
Sales Contact: Chrystine Girard.


Cracké Family Scramble

ImageProduced By: Squeeze
Distributor: PGS Entertainment
Description: (Animation, 52x7 min.) First-time daddy Ed loves his ostrich octuplets more than anything! Too bad his over-protective instincts and out-of-control imagination turn every family activity into a ridiculous adventure. Welcome to the family scramble!
Pitch Perfect: “After winning over millions of fans around the world on TV and the web, the popular animated family series Cracké, created and produced by Squeeze, will have a second season, currently in production. This new season will be available in May 2022. This season focuses on Ed's family situation, where his eight eggs have now hatched and he must now care for eight energetic babies. Ed, our favorite single-parent ostrich dad, has a crazy habit of getting himself into silly, improbable and funny situations. Fortunately, his daddy heart and boundless ingenuity get him out of trouble every time, to the delight of his little ones.” –Chantal Cloutier, Executive Producer
Sales Contact: Xavi Mas (PGS Entertainment).


Dex and the Humanimals

ImageProduced By: Loomi Animation, Epic Storyworlds, Epic Story Media, Société Radio-Canada
Commissioners: Canada Media Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, Ville de Quebec
Distributor: Epic Story Media
Description: (Animation, 6x11 min.) In a futuristic world where transgenic beings—half-human, half-animal—mingle with the human population, Dex, a young boy with an extraordinary power of mutation, fights the forces of Cybortech laboratories.
Pitch Perfect:Dex and the Humanimals contains all the elements to captivate and delight kids from ages 7 to 11. Set in a futuristic universe populated by human-animal hybrids, the show centers around the unbreakable bonds forged between Dex and his friends. Packed with humor and adventure, Dex and his many transformations are sure to enthrall audiences for many seasons to come.” —Steve Couture, Executive Producer
Sales Contacts: Steve Couture, Jessica Labi, Ken Faier.


Just for Laughs Stand Up

ImageProduced By: Just for Laughs       
Commissioners: CBC, Crave, Bell
Distributor: Just for Laughs Distribution
Description: (Comedy, S1-15: 125 eps.) Top comedy names and rising stars.
Pitch Perfect: “The world’s largest comedy festival brings you the top comedy names and rising stars, with new shows in English and French, from Howie Mandel (1x90 min.), Jon Dore (8x30 min.), Rick Mercer (4x60 min.), Laurent Paquin (1x60 min.) and Simon Gouache (1x60 min.), to name a few. This year, Just for Laughs also brings you some of the top one-woman shows, with Aisha Brown (1x45 min.), recently awarded with the Canadian Screen Award for Best Variety or Entertainment Special; Wanda Sykes (1x60 min.); two new specials with DeAnne Smith and Sophie Buddle (2x30 min.) and many more.” —Fred Joubaud, Director, Content & Strategic Partnerships
Sales Contacts: Marina Di Pancrazio, Fred Joubaud, Carlos Pacheco, Lauriane Groff; distribution@hahaha.com.


Punch Club

ImageProduced By: St Laurent TV International
Commissioners: Z, Noovo, Crave (Bell Media)
Description: (Comedy, 8x22 min.) Allows players to compete in a one-on-one formula in a high-spirited competition featuring improvised performances from the province's top comedic talent.
Pitch Perfect: “Street battle improvisation and the excitement of a rap show coupled with the excitement of a UFC.” —Lou Bélanger, Producer
Sales Contact: Audrey Paquette.


Seekers in India (Seekers en Inde)

ImageProduced By: No Water Studios
Commissioner: Quebecor Content/Groupe TVA
Description: (Factual, 4x30 min.) Three French-Canadian social media influencers with unbalanced digital lives travel to India in search of balance.
Pitch Perfect: Seekers immerses us in the spiritual quest of three well-known and appreciated French-Canadian social media influencers—Jessie Nadeau, Lucie Rhéaume and Claudine Langlois—who travel to India to find meaning in their lives. In the process, they discover forms of meditation, yoga and immerse themselves in their own cultural activities.” —Colin Riendeau, Producer
Sales Contact: Colin Riendeau.


Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

ImageProduced By: Happy Camper Média
Broadcasters: Radio-Canada, CBC
Distributor: Zodiak Kids
Description: (Kids, 80x7 min.) On Earth A, the Agency is responsible for protecting the world from supervillains. Luckily, the famous and unusual Super Agent Jon Le Bon is always ready to save the world from impending doom.
Pitch Perfect: “Zodiak Kids is excited to offer the 7-minute format of Super Agent Jon Le Bon! to the international market. We are confident that children around the world will fall under the charm of this one-of-a-kind Super Agent following its huge Canadian success.” —Delphine Dumont, SVP, Sales, Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Zodiak Kids
Sales Contacts: Zodiak Kids: Delphine Dumont, Cécile Cau, Julia Rowlands.


Tom’s Tiny Toys

ImageProduced By: Syon Media, JY Animation
Distributor: Syon Media
Description: (Upper preschool, 52x11 min.) Tom is a thoughtful and kind 6-year-old boy whose life was turned upside down the day he found a box of five tiny robot toys left for him in the attic by his grandfather. But these toys are not regular toys, they are alive and ready for some fun! Now, Tom has five tiny best friends that live in his room and go everywhere with him hidden in his backpack. Together, they head out every day to face the challenges of being a kid.
Pitch Perfect: “His toys are alive—and his life is about to get crazy! Imagine if toys were more than just toys. Imagine if they could walk, talk and do anything you asked them to. For one 6-year-old boy, his toys can do that and much, much more.” —Danny Bergeron, President & Producer
Sales Contacts: Danny Bergeron, Johanna Veysset.


Who Was the Real Neanderthal?

ImageProduced By: Idéacom International
Commissioners: CBC, Idéacom International, Cineflix Rights
Distributor: Cineflix Rights
Description: (Factual, 1x49 min.) Neanderthals have long been thought of as brutish and dim-witted. But new archeological discoveries, combined with cutting-edge science, are revealing that they were much closer to us than we ever imagined!
Sales Contact: Josette D. Normandeau.


Wuhan Wuhan Image

Produced By: SA Inc., Starlight Media
Distributor: WaZabi Films
Description: (Doc., 1x90 min.) An intimate look at real people and how their lives have been impacted by this recent change in their way of life. 
Pitch Perfect: “With incredible access, the award-winning documentary filmmaker Yung Chang provides an intimate look into the lives of ordinary people impacted by Covid in China’s Wuhan Province. A sense of hope drives each of the subjects, despite not knowing what the future may hold.” —Lorne Price, Co-President
Sales Contacts: Anick Poirier, Lorne Price; sales@wazabifilms.com.

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