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In-Demand: Québec Creates—Part 1

Québec has a unique position in the global television market as the generator of French-language media in North America, with productions that are both distinctive and highly exportable. One of its main assets is the variety and the appeal of its dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, children’s content and entertainment formats. In association with the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), the Québec cultural agency, World Screen is spotlighting this dynamic industry and its presence at MIPCOM this year.

Overseen by Québec’s Minister of Culture and Communication, SODEC promotes and supports the development of Québec’s cultural industry, at home and abroad. SODEC also coordinates umbrella operations and co-production initiatives at major international markets through the “Québec Creates” banner.

In the first of two special Québec Creates reports before MIPCOM, we're highlighting a selection of compelling drama series, movies and beautifully produced animated and live-action kids’ and tween shows.


The Adventures of Li’lDoc

ImageProduced By: Gala Productions
Description: (Kids, 20x11 min. in dvmpt.) A fun medical adventure that takes our world-renowned characters Li’lDoc and Geeko around the globe to reconnect with old friends, discover new cultures and their medical realities.
Pitch Perfect: “In this new series, Li’lDoc and Geeko travel the world and visit many countries, where Geeko reunites with his long-lost animal friends. On each adventure, Li’lDoc uses all her medical expertise in combination with advice and knowledge from local communities. 20 episodes, 20 destinations, cultures and local health issues to be discovered.” —Philippe Régnoux, CEO & Producer
Sales Contacts: Philippe Régnoux, (1-514) 592-9829; Giulia Frati, (1-514) 813-9950.


Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

ImageProduced By: Muse Entertainment Enterprises
Commissioner: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Distributor: Muse Distribution International
Description: (Mystery, 17x90 min.) Candace Cameron Bure stars as librarian-turned-detective Aurora “Roe” Teagarden, a crime buff who unexpectedly finds herself solving real-life murders in her small town.
Pitch Perfect: “Muse’s cozy-crime/mystery movies are fan favorites across all platforms worldwide. Based on best-selling crime novels, Muse’s top-rating mystery franchise Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, as seen on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, stars Candace Cameron Bure.” —Shawn Rosengarten, VP, Distribution
Sales Contact: Shawn Rosengarten.


Critters & Co

ImageProduced By: Prestigo Medias
Commissioner: Radio-Canada
Distributor: Prestigo Medias
Description: (Kids, 15x13 min.) Bill Critter and Emilie are living in a wooded neighborhood, which is the perfect place to discover surprising and perplexing critters. This series invites young people to tame their fears and understand the importance of all these underestimated critters and how much they have an impact on our lives.
Pitch Perfect: Critters & Co is a wonderful show for 7- to 12-year-olds about all kinds of underrated critters (dragonflies, butterflies, centipedes, spiders). In each episode, kids will learn everything there is to know about these fascinating creatures. Season two is currently in production.” —Daniel Coutu, CEO & Producer
Sales Contacts: Daniel Coutu, Johanna Veysset.


Destination Love

ImageProduced By: Screentime New Zealand, Incendo
Commissioner: Incendo
Distributor: Incendo
Description: (TV movie, 1x90 min.) On a remote island in New Zealand, a young woman and local vineyard owner hope to create the perfect destination wedding for her best friends.
Pitch Perfect: “With global buyers and audiences seeking much-needed escapism, Incendo presents a collection of new romantic comedy films. Being showcased at MIPCOM are Destination Love, Love Knots and Sweet as Maple Syrup—heartwarming friendship-turned-love stories, each with its own unique story, vibrant setting and relatable characters.” —Gavin Reardon, International Sales & Co-Productions
Sales Contact: Gavin Reardon.


Entitled (Les Petits Rois)

ImageProduced By: Zone3
Commissioners: TOU.TV Extra, Radio-Canada
Distributors: Radio-Canada/CBC Distribution, Zone3
Description: (Teen drama, 6x43 min.) The story of a gang of snotty, arrogant friends who rule their high school until the day a collateral victim of their egotism decides to play anonymous avenger. The vendetta is on!
Pitch Perfect: Entitled is a fresh, modern, non-heteronormative take on teen drama series, tackling powerful themes like privilege, manipulation and the blurred lines of sexual consent. It has ranked in the top five series on TOU.TV since its launch in May 2021. Totally binge-worthy!” —Mélanie Ratté, Senior Director, International Distribution & Business Development
Sales Contact: Mélanie Ratté.


Je voudrais qu’on m’efface (Wipe Me Away)

ImageProduced By: Babel films
Commissioner: ICI TOU.TV 
Distributor: Radio-Canada
Description: (Drama, S1: 8x20 min., S2 in dvpmt.) The everyday lives of children who live in a tough neighborhood of Montreal.
Pitch Perfect: “An instant success, Wipe Me Away’s power resides in the stories told through the eyes of three amazing young actors and how universal they are. It could happen anywhere, and it is happening.” —Philippe-A. Allard, Executive Producer
Sales Contacts: Eric Piccoli, Philippe-A. Allard, Mia Desroches (Radio-Canada).



ImageProduced By: Productions Avenida
Broadcaster: TV5-Unis
Distributor: Attraction International Distribution
Description: (Kids, S1-3: 20x13 min. each) Over three seasons, follows the story of a young girl whose life is completely turned upside down by a leukemia diagnosis.
Pitch Perfect: “International Emmy Kids-nominated and award-winning series about a young teen girl who has to overcome leukemia to go back to the dancing floor, and to live again!” —Xiaojuan Zhou, President, Attraction Distribution
Sales Contact: Xiaojuan Zhou.


The Sketch Artist

ImageProduced By: ALSO Productions
Commissioner: Club Illico (TVA)
Distributor: Attraction International Distribution
Description: (Crime thriller, 10x44 min./5x86 min.) A crime thriller seen through the lens of a young forensic sketch artist, capable of "reading" people, who helps solve a laundry list of sordid crimes.
Pitch Perfect: “A gripping crime thriller series with a diverse cast of engaging characters, cinematic production value and twisty plots! Season two is greenlit.” —Max Oliveras, VP
Sales Contacts: Max Oliveras, Xiaojuan Zhou, Sylvia Kocman.


Virage (Veer)

ImageProduced By: KOTV
Commissioner: Bell Media’s Noovo
Distributor: KO Distribution
Description: (Drama, 8x60 min.) Frédérique, a triple Olympic medalist in speed skating, retires. Faced with this void, she must learn to live without performing. The fall will be brutal.
Pitch Perfect: “Inspired by the life of Marianne Saint-Gelais (short track speed skater/triple Olympic medalist), Virage/Veer sheds light on our society, which prizes achievement at any cost. It tackles the void that professional athletes struggle with when they end their careers. An international subject matter presented in a dramatic eight-part series.” —Barbara Vallant, Head, Formats, Sales & Acquisitions, aroma-TV
Sales Contacts: Barbara Vallant, Louis-Philippe Drolet.


Woolly Woolly

ImageProduced By: PVP Media, Normaal Animation
Commissioners: France TV, TVOKids, SRC, Knowledge Network
Distributors: Festivaal Distribution, PVP Media
Description: (Animation, 52x11 min.) A CGI animated series that follows the adventures of a tight-knit community of woolly, teensy forest gnomes through an enchanted universe. 
Pitch Perfect: Woolly Woolly is a tightly knit community of forest gnomes whose day-to-day is tinged with wacky obstacles and frenemies that they confront with courage and creativity. What more? Their stories are fueled by two real kids’ massive imaginations, having a blast in their playroom. Imaginative play at its best!” —François Trudel, VP & Executive Producer
Sales Contacts: Marc Dhrami (Normaal Animation), François Trudel.

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