July 2, 2020

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MIPCOM & MIPJunior Confirm Live Events

***Image***Reed MIDEM has confirmed that the 2020 editions of MIPCOM and MIPJunior will take place as both physical gatherings in Cannes and as hybrid digital events.

The MIPJunior digital library will go online starting a full two weeks prior to the market. Once on-site in Cannes, attendees can screen the library anywhere using their own laptop or signing in to a limited number of viewing terminals. The screening rooms will operate with strict hygiene and physical distancing protocols in place. Post-market, the library will stay online for nine months.
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WorldScreenings: Mediatoon’s Catalog Is Tuned In to the Times

***Image***Jérôme Alby, Mediatoon Distribution’s managing director, talks to TV Kids about offering a wide range of kids’ genres with a vast array of central themes targeting many different age groups of children.

From Tom and Lili and Sardine in Outer Space to the upcoming Kid Lucky—based on the Lucky Luke graphic-novel character—as well as Martin Morning, Little Furry, The Fox-Badger Family and Yakari, which centers on a young Native American boy, its catalog covers it all.
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Cloudco Aligns with J&M Brands for Care Bears

***Image***Cloudco Entertainment has signed an agency deal with J&M Brands to manage the Care Bears brand across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Per the agreement, J&M Brands will manage all Care Bears consumer products and licensing initiatives, with a focus on the upcoming relaunch of Care Bears toys with new master toy partner Basic Fun! In 2019, Cloudco introduced Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, a 2D-animated series featuring an all-new look and mission for the bears that were first introduced in 1982. The new series launched on Tiny Pop in the U.K. and Boomerang and Cartoon Network in the U.S.
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***4K Media***

Studio 100 Film Drops Trailer for Maya the Bee—The Golden Orb

Studio 100 Film has launched the international trailer for the Maya the Bee—The Golden Orb movie on its YouTube channel.

In the new feature, the headstrong little bee Maya and her best friend Willi rescue an ant princess. They then find themselves in the middle of an epic bug battle that will take them to strange new worlds and test their friendship. Maya the Bee—The Golden Orb is slated to be released in cinemas in 2020 and 2021.
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Now Screening: TV Kids In-Demand

The TV Kids In-Demand event room on WorldScreenings.com features video clips from highlighted kids’ shows.

New From WorldScreenings


ZDF Enterprises – Heirs of the Night

***Video***(Kids live action, 26x26 min.) Ailsa and her classmates at vampire school were once mortal enemies, but they must unite to defeat Dracula and save the world from eternal darkness.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


IoM Media Ventures – Grant’s Wishes

***Video***(Kids 6-9, 53x11 min.) IoM Media Ventures’ Phillip Stamp, Hot Drop Films’ Alan Keane and producer Aaron Simpson discuss the creation of Grant’s Wishes and present the high-concept animated comedy and its main characters. Best friends Grant and Rai are new agents at the Department of Wish Fulfillment (DWF), a top-secret, supernatural organization tasked with actualizing wishes.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


foo entertainment – Miss Bellyfoo & The Daba Diba Duba Land

***Video***(Upper preschool/kids 3-9, 52x13 min.) A world of music, a magical place of adventure and wonder, welcome to Daba Diba Duba Land. Accompany special agent and supergirl Miss Bellyfoo on her adventures, supported by faithful friends and a crazy professor, always fighting the evil Mastermoll and his helpers, who only know one goal: to rule over Daba Diba Duba Land. Will Miss Bellyfoo be able to bring new talented kids from planet Earth to Daba Diba Duba Land to charge energy into the crystal ball?
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


Safi Productions – Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm

***Video***(Preschool, 11 min. eps.) An animated series that follows the exciting adventures of a sibling duo on their family farm. Engaging edutertainment that introduces children to mindfulness, sustainability and diversity. Thirty four culturally diverse creatives come together to create this warm and charming animated adaptation. Safi Productions is seeking children’s broadcasters as partners on the show.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


ZDF Enterprises – Buck

***Video***(Kids live action, 32x15 min.) Teenage life is a minefield for Elias. He takes his mind off it by playing his favorite video game, in which digital hero Commander Buck always saves the day.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


Dynamic Television – Almost Never

***Video***(Teen comedy/drama/music, 26x30 min.) Follows the ups and downs of boy band The Wonderland as they seek fame and fortune while trying to juggle friends, family, school and relationships.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


Australian Children’s Television Foundation – First Day

***Video***(Live-action drama, 4x24 min. & 1x17 min.) It’s 12-year-old Hannah Bradford’s first year of high school. Hannah experiences all the excitement and fear associated with this transition, but her first day of high school is even more significant: it’s the first day she will wear a girl’s uniform to school and go by her chosen name, rather than the boy’s name she was given at birth.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


Zodiak Kids – Flatmates

***Video***(Tween/teen live action, 10x30 min.) Follow the lives of young Gen Z’ers as they take their first uncertain steps into adulthood. Getting to grips with the next stage of growing up the group wrestle with the expectation and anxiety of trying to fulfill the “Millennial Dream.”
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


Australian Children’s Television Foundation – Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors

***Video***(Live-action adventure, 10x24 min.) A fun and immersive living history series that pits the skills of today’s kids against the exploits of children from Australia’s past, to find out how they measure up.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com


Zodiak Kids - Lost in Oz

***Video***(Animation, 26x30 min.) Dorothy needs magic to return to Kansas, but quickly learns that Oz is in the middle of the worst magic shortage in years.
Watch now on WorldScreenings.com

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