January 19, 2018

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m4e Gains Full Control of Mia and me Brand

***Image***Germany’s m4e, part of the Studio 100 Group, has acquired 100 percent of the rights to the international hit Mia and me from co-pro partner Gerhard Hahn and his company Hahn Film.

Mia and me follows the adventures of a girl who finds herself transported to a fairy-tale world, where she must save a race of unicorns. The fantasy series, which combines live action and CGI animation, is geared toward viewers between the ages of 5 and 10.
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***Federation Entertainment***

Animals Take Center Stage in New Nick Show

***Image***Nickelodeon is due to debut Zoofari, a clip-based series featuring live-action footage of animals from around the globe, early next month.

The first episode of Zoofari, titled “Best Pets/Jungle Gym,” explores what types of animals are great pets, and spotlights the daily activities of jungle creatures in their natural habitats. The 20×30-minute show is created and produced by Cisneros Media’s MOBIUS.LAB Productions.
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DHX Brands Launches Early Preschool Initiative

***Image***DHX Brands is introducing First Steppers, a new subcategory for the younger end of preschool that will support the socio-development and entertainment needs of youngsters aged 6 months to 2-and-a-half years.

First Steppers aims to provide a clearer definition of this age group while offering guidance and new opportunities for licensees, retailers and consumers. DHX received support from child development and play expert Dr. Amanda Gummer from Fundamentally Children, who conducted research that found there is a bigger retail opportunity at the younger end of preschool.
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New From WorldScreenings

Federation Kids & Family – The Ollie & Moon Show

***Video***(Upper preschool 2D & live action, 104x11 min.) A slapstick comedy starring two animated cats who travel across the live-action world showing kids the joys of friendship, food and fun across the globe.
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Multicom Entertainment Group – Spike Team

***Video***(Children's animation, 78x30 min.) Animated series about a group of girls who travel around the world to play international volleyball matches, and solve problems along the way.
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Televix Entertainment – Shutterbugs

***Video***(Animation/preschool, 26x30 min.) A firefly and his friends teach preschool viewers to better relate to their world.
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