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TV Kids Weekly

December 7, 2018


In this week's edition:
• Cloudco Entertainment Takes Shape
• Distributor Spotlights:
Beyond Kids & Gloob/Gloobinho


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Cloudco Entertainment Takes Shape
By Joanna Padovano Tong

***Viacom***Earlier this year, American Greetings Entertainment—the IP, entertainment and outbound licensing division of American Greetings Corporation—formally rebranded as Cloudco Entertainment, with the new name and logo reflecting a spin-off into its own stand-alone entity. “Becoming Cloudco has been about more than a new name, but a new company,” says Sean Gorman, the president of Cloudco Entertainment, which has inherited the entire library of new and classic brands, including Care Bears, Holly Hobbie and Tinpo.

***Image***With the rebrand, long-time owners the Weiss family retains 100-percent ownership of Cloudco, which will continue with all of the former marketing initiatives, content development and production activities, and consumer product programs and partnerships.

Currently, there’s “tons” in store for the Care Bears franchise, notes Gorman. “We have an all-new 2D-animated TV series—Care Bears: Unlock the Magic—coming out in January on Boomerang in the U.S., Tiny Pop in the U.K. and lots more territories that we’ll announce in the months ahead. It is a complete brand update, with new characters and an environment that includes regular 11-minute episodes as well as specials and a series of shorts. We are also in development on a live-action/animated feature film with a major Hollywood studio.”

Cloudco is also working on the production of an all-new Holly Hobbie live-action show with Aircraft Pictures and Wexworks Media for Hulu, Family Channel in Canada and Universal Kids. “This is all at once the reinvention of a beloved classic character, our very first live-action series and a beautifully produced [program of] which we are extremely proud,” says Gorman. “Played by the incredibly talented Ruby Jay, Holly Hobbie is a 13-year-old coming of age in her bucolic small town. We’re excited by its initial reception as a Hulu original series and will be announcing lots of international pickups shortly.”

Then there is Tinpo, a new animated show produced for CBeebies with OLM/Sprite Animation and Dentsu. “Tinpo and his team are the superhero imagineers of their world; they use tons of visual trial and error to design and construct solutions to problems that are always the most fun and unpredictable, versus the practical and boring of our own world,” says Gorman. “This is our first-ever CBeebies-commissioned series and our first-ever co-production with Dentsu, and the first time we’ve done production work both in the U.K. and in Japan.”

In addition, Cloudco is in production on an animated sitcom titled Boy, Girl, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Cheese for commissioning broadcasters BBC and Gulli, according to Gorman. The company is also “working on several development projects with broadcasters and other partners on relaunches of some of our other classic ’80s brands like The Get Along Gang as an animated TV series and Madballs as a live-action/animated feature film, as well as a half-dozen new IP projects across many mediums, including stop-motion, live action, 2D animation and CGI.”

***TV Kids at NATPE***

Distributor Spotlight: Beyond Kids

***Image***ADDRESS: 167-169 Wardour St., London W1F 8WP, U.K.
TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7323-3444
WEBSITE: www.beyonddistribution.com
HEAD, SALES: Munia Kanna-Konsek
PROGRAMS: Mythbusters Jr.: 10x60 min., live action, factual entertainment, 6-12; Wow, That’s Amazing: 26x30 min., live action, factual entertainment, 6-12; Gym Stars: 20x30 min., live action, documentary, 6-12; Beat Bugs: 52x15 min./26x30 min., animation, entertainment, 4-7.

***Image***“Beyond Kids is the new kids’ division of Beyond Distribution. Beyond Kids has over 950 hours of content, featuring internationally renowned kids’ programming from the last 25 years. This includes the BAFTA Award-winning Ocean Girl, CBBC’s Numberjacks, The Dengineers and Junior Vets. Our aim is to further strengthen the company’s role in the production and distribution of global children’s content.”

—Munia Kanna-Konsek, Head, Sales

Distributor Spotlight: Gloob/Gloobinho

***Image***ADDRESS: Avenida das Américas, 1650-Bloco 3-1º andar, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro 22640-101, Brazil
TELEPHONE: (55-21) 2145-8802
WEBSITE: www.gloobcontent.com
HEAD, CONTENT & PROGRAMMING: Paula Taborda dos Guaranys
SALES EXECUTIVE: Beatriz Tompson
PROGRAMS: S.O.S. Fairy Manu: S1-2 26x11 min., S3 13x15 min. in prod., 2D, 5-11; Time to Rock: S1 26x11 min., S2 26x11 min. in prod., 2D, 5-11; Click: 52x13 min., live action, 5-11; Gaby Star: 124x26 min., live action, 5-11; Guess Who’s Cooking: 130x13 min., live action, 5-11; Blue Building Detectives: S1 26x13 min., S2 13x13 min., S3-6 26x13 min., S7-10 26x26 min., S11 26x26 min. in prod., live action, 5-11; Valentins: 52x26 min., live action, 5-11; Brainiacs: S1-2 26x26 min., S3-4 26x26 min. in prod., live action, 5-11; Gigablaster: S1 26x11 min., S2 26x11 min. in prod., 2D, 5-11; Anittinha’s Club: S1 10x5 min., S2 26x5 min. (2019), S3 26x5 min. (2020), 2D, 2-6.
TRAILERS: Please visit Gloob/Gloobinho’s Screening Room to view clips of Anittinha’s Club, Blue Building Detectives, Brainiacs, Click, Gaby Star, Gigablaster, Guess Who’s Cooking, S.O.S. Fairy Manu, Time to Rock and Valentins.

“Gloob and Gloobinho are Globo Group’s kids’ content hubs. Both channels belong to Globosat, the largest pay-TV content provider in Latin America. For the fourth consecutive year, Gloob [landed] in Cannes offering a catalog with outstanding IP with worldwide appeal. The channel has inked deals with prestigious clients such as National Geographic, SVT, SH Channel 8 and SIC.

This year, Gloob [launched] two new animations during MIPJunior: Gigablaster, geared to kids from 6 to 10 years old, following the crazy adventures of blue rhinoceros Giga, whose family runs the coolest karaoke bar in the city of Corner Pocket; and Anittinha’s Club, a preschool animation created by Anitta, Brazil’s biggest popstar. The series presents Anitta as a young and cute little girl, Anittinha, who realizes that being with loved ones is the funnest part of any adventure—besides singing, of course!”

—Corporate Communications

This Week's Top 5

Doc McStuffins Creator Inks Overall Deal with Netflix

Emmy winner Chris Nee, creator of the Disney Channel animated series Doc McStuffins, has signed an overall agreement with Netflix.

Cyber Group Places Trio of Series on Sun TV

Cyber Group Studios has reached new agreements with Sun TV Network to bring three of its animated series to India and Sri Lanka.

AsiaPac Deals for Jetpack

Jetpack Distribution has sealed a slew of deals in Asia, including selling seasons one to three of Outfit 7’s Talking Tom & Friends to Boomerang and POGO.

WotWots Spin-off Lands on CCTV in China

Pukeko Pictures’ Kiddets, sister series to the animated preschool hit The WotWots, is debuting on CCTV in China.

Beano Studios Alum Chris Rose Joins Nickelodeon

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) has appointed former Beano Studios exec Chris Rose as the new VP of international animation production and development for Nickelodeon.

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***Jetpack Distribution***

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