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TV Kids Weekly

January 22, 2021


In this week's edition:
• Guru Studio Gears Up for a Busy Year Ahead
• Distributor Spotlights: Cyber Group Studios & Mediatoon Distribution


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Guru Studio Gears Up for a Busy Year Ahead
By Kristin Brzoznowski

***Viacom***In the past year, Guru Studio has seen a significant increase in demand for its original shows. “With some studios experiencing production or dubbing delays due to lockdown restrictions, we were fortunate to have a show like True and the Rainbow Kingdom with 19 languages readily available in-house,” says Jonathan Abraham, the company’s VP of sales and business development. The show has launched in countries all over the world with strong ratings, including on Tiny Pop (U.K.), Gloob (Brazil), 9Go! (Australia) and Discovery Family (U.S.). “It’s been incredible to see audiences build week over week,” Abraham adds. And True will be launching in several major markets throughout 2021 as the rollout of the consumer-products program gets underway worldwide.
“We have lots of exciting news ahead for True and the Rainbow Kingdom,” Abraham notes. “Internationally, the show is very quickly becoming a breakout hit in second-window launches.” The show has four seasons, which are accompanied by a range of short-form content and holiday specials. “Broadcasters are really able to make True a regular staple of their programming lineup year-round,” he adds. “It's always a good sign when our broadcast partners are asking us for even more content!”
Guru Studio has also been busy launching two new original properties, Pikwik Pack and Big Blue, “both with extremely timely messages for kids and families,” says Abraham. Pikwik Pack is about a group of animal friends who must work together to deliver surprise packages of joy to their community. Big Blue is a zany underwater adventure that’s packed with comedy, about the importance of discovering and caring for our planet.

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Distributor Spotlight:
Cyber Group Studios

ADDRESS: 44B Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris, France;
9696 Culver Blvd., Suite 208, Culver City, CA 90232, U.S.A.
TELEPHONE: (33-1) 5556-3232, (1-424) 341-4911
WEBSITE: www.cybergroupstudios.com
PRESIDENT & CEO: Pierre Sissmann
PROGRAMS: Droners: 26x22 min., HD/2D/CGI, adventure/comedy, 6-10; Gigantosaurus: 52x11 min., HD/2D/CGI, comedy/adventure, 4-6; Taffy: 78x7 min., 2D/HD, cartoon/comedy, 6-10; Tom Sawyer: 26x22 min., HD/CGI, adventure, 6-12; Sadie Sparks: 52x11 min., HD/2D/CGI, comedy, 6-12; Orange Moo Cow: 52x7 min., HD/2D, comedy, 3-6; Bananimals: 78x7 min., HD/2D, comedy, 5-8; Ernest and Rebecca: 52x13 min., HD/2D, comedy, 5-8; Purple Turtle: 52x7 min., HD/CGI, comedy/edutainment, 3-6; Mini Ninjas 2: 104x11 min., CGI/2D/HD, adventure/comedy, 6-12.
TRAILERS: Please visit Cyber Group Studios’ Screening Room to view clips of Bananimals, Droners, Ernest and Rebecca, Gigantosaurus, Mini Ninjas 2, Orange Moo Cow, Purple Turtle, Sadie Sparks, Taffy and Tom Sawyer.

***Viacom***"Cyber Group Studios is a leading producer and distributor of animated series and a developer of global entertainment brands for children and families worldwide.

Founded in 2005 and employing around 150 people, the company has its headquarters in Paris, two production studios in Paris and Roubaix (France), an office in Los Angeles (U.S.A.) and strategic partnerships in Russia and China. 

The company’s mission is to produce safe and entertaining content for children around the world. The team has a passion for telling great stories leveraged by a strong creative identity, a diversity of animation styles and powerful music. To immerse the viewers in the emotion of its shows, the company works with top creative international talent and develops innovative technology.

Cyber Group Studios develops its content for television, digital platforms, feature films and direct-to-consumer (home entertainment, interactive games, consumer products).

The company sells the media distribution rights of its own and third-party programs, localized in 30-plus languages, into more than 160 countries. Its distribution partners include TV broadcasters, VOD streaming platforms and home-entertainment companies. The dedication of its team to creating content that resonates with kids and families worldwide has earned Cyber Group Studios multiple international awards.”
—Raphaelle Mathieu, Senior VP, Sales, Acquisitions & New Media

TV Kids In-Demand

Distributor Spotlight:
Mediatoon Distribution

ADDRESS: 57 rue Gaston Tessier, 75019 Paris, France
TELEPHONE: (33-1) 5326-3100
WEBSITE: www.mediatoon-distribution.com
PROGRAMS: Kid Lucky: 52x12 min., 2D, comedy, 6-10; Tom & Lili: 52x7 min., 2D, comedy, 7-11; Sardine in Outer Space: 52x12 min., 2D, adventure, 8-12; Martin Morning: S4 52x13 min., 3D, adventure, 6-10; The Fox-Badger Family: 52x12 min., 2D, adventure/comedy, 6-10; Garfield Originals: 24x3 min., 2D, comedy, 7-11; Little Furry: 78x7 min., 2D, adventure/edutainment, 3-6; Yakari: 156x13 min., 2D, adventure/edutainment, 6-11; The Minimighty Kids: S3 52x12 min., 2D, action/comedy, 7-11; SamSam: S3 78x8 min., 2D, adventure, 6-11.
TRAILERS: Please visit Mediation Distribution’s Screening Room to view clips of Garfield Originals, Kid Lucky, Little Furry, Martin Morning, SamSam, Sardine in Outer Space, The Fox-Badger Family, The Minimighty Kids, Tom and Lili and Yakari.

***Viacom***“As Mediatoon is specialized in kids’ entertainment, we are committed to delivering high-quality and safe content for all of our 4,000 hours of programs.

We do have very talented production studios in-house (Ellipsanime, Dargaud Media, Dupuis Audiovisuel) and, at the same time, it is essential to keep working with independent producers to broaden our catalog with the most innovative shows that will one day become the next iconic series. In this sense, it is important to think creatively to acquire programs with diverse and exciting themes.

One of our newest series is Kid Lucky. Kid is a slingshot ace who is destined to be the world’s greatest cowboy. Where there is an injustice, he and his friends will be there to save the day—and have a laugh along the way.

Kid will fit in very well alongside other iconic heroes such as Garfield, SamSam or Naruto.”
—Jérôme Alby, Managing Director

This Week's Top 5

Registration Now Open for the TV Kids Festival

Running from February 2 to February 5, the TV Kids Festival is a free event focused on the importance of alliances in producing and distributing top-notch kids’ programming. Click through for the full agenda and FREE registration.

MeteoHeroes Season Two in the Works

Mondo TV and Meteo Operations Italia are set to co-produce a second season of MeteoHeroes, an environmentally themed animated kids’ series.

Nick Jr. en Español YouTube Channel Launches

Nickelodeon International has unveiled the new YouTube channel Nick Jr. en Español, which features content tailored to global Spanish-speaking audiences.

Boat Rocker Studios Inks Deals for Dino Ranch

Boat Rocker Studios, a division of Boat Rocker Media, has secured a raft of global sales for the animated preschool series Dino Ranch.

Darwin & Newts Picked Up by Da Vinci Kids

Imira Entertainment has signed a deal with the edutainment platform Da Vinci Kids for the series Darwin & Newts.

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