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TV Kids Weekly

December 6, 2019


In this week's edition:
• 41 Entertainment Taps Rich IP for
Reinvigorated YA Animation
• Distributor Spotlights: Beyond Kids,
Studio 100 Media & Boat Rocker Studios



41 Entertainment Taps Rich IP for Reinvigorated YA Animation
By Chelsea Regan

***Viacom***41 Entertainment Founder and Managing Director Allen Bohbot foresees that the kids’ content industry is approaching the “next frontier of animation.” Bohbot, who has been creating and producing animation since launching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and The Mask in the early ’90s, “believes that we are on the cusp of an animation expansion to reach the kids that the industry has lost,” according to Kiersten Halstead, the company’s VP of creative services, development and acquisitions. These kids that the industry is losing? They’re the 8-to-12-year-olds that had long comprised the core of the original 6- to 12-year-old target.

“It is not about creating animation that is ‘high-quality CG’ or adapted animation based on successful action-oriented theatrical films,” says Halstead. “It is about creating engaging stories that this audience cares about.” And that means horror, the paranormal and science fiction, with the kind of writing that targets 18- to 34-year-olds but that appeals to those in the 12-to-17-year-old bracket, according to Halstead. "We believe that 41 Entertainment is the first animation company to announce this new strategy, but we expect many competitors to strive to expand into what is potentially the 'next frontier of animation,'" she says.

41 Entertainment’s new strategy was born out of realizing that there is room for innovation in the young adult animation space, that Japanese animation is getting a second life on ***Image***streaming platforms, as well as an awareness of the popularity of young adult book series, and notably, the enduring enthusiasm of fans of the original 1999 Roswell Conspiracies project. With all of these factors adding up to what looked to be a new trend, 41 Entertainment went forth “to create a new market for animation that is YA animation that is not raunchy comedy or anime, but rather fully scripted, entertaining content for young adults from 12 to 34, depending on the project.”

Paranormal title Supernatural Prison, an adaptation of the successful book series from Jaymin Eve that includes Supernatural Prison and Supernatural Academy, is set in space and more female-driven. “We acquired the animation rights from Jaymin Eve to adapt the project for television,” explains Halstead. And then, of course, there is Roswell Conspiracies, which is in the science-fiction genre and loosely adapted from the 1990s kids project. “We created Roswell Conspiracies internally and completely anew,” says Halstead. “Our 2019 Roswell Conspiracies was developed from scratch with a new story and designs to appeal to a much older and sophisticated audience, targeting males 12 to 24.”

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***TV Kids at NATPE***

Distributor Spotlight: Beyond Kids

***Image***ADDRESS: 167-169 Wardour St., London W1F 8WP, U.K.
TELEPHONE: (44-20) 7323-3444
WEBSITE: www.beyonddistribution.com/programmes/kids
HEAD, SALES: Munia Kanna-Konsek
PROGRAMS: Motown Magic: 26x11 min./13x22 min., 2D, entertainment/music, 6-12; Beat Bugs: S3 26x11 min./13x22 min. & 1x44 min., 2D, entertainment/music, 4-7; Dumbotz: 52x11 min., 2D, entertainment, 6-12; Quimbo’s Quest: 26x30 min., 2D, comedy/entertainment, 6-8; Hey You…What If…: 26x5 min., live action, documentary, 6-8.

“Beyond Kids is the kids’ entertainment division of Beyond Distribution, which forms part of Beyond International, one of Australia’s leading independent production and distribution companies.

Launched last year, Beyond Kids’ catalog includes around 950 hours of kids’ content, featuring internationally renowned kids’ programming from the last 25 years. These include the BAFTA Award-winning Ocean Girl, CBBC’s Numberjacks, The Dengineers and Junior Vets.”
—Corporate Communications

TV Latina Guide 2020

Distributor Spotlight: Studio 100 Media

***Image***ADDRESS: Neumarkter Str. 18-20, 81673 Munich, Germany
TELEPHONE: (49-89) 960-8550
WEBSITE: www.studio100media.com
CEO: Martin Krieger
CEO, STUDIO 100 MEDIA & STUDIO 100: Hans Bourlon
PROGRAMS: 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone: 26x22 min., CGI, comedy/adventure, 6-10; Heidi: 65x22 min., CGI, adventure, 4-8; Tip the Mouse: 104x7 min., CGI, adventure/comedy, 2-6/preschool; Wissper: 104x7 min., CGI, comedy/adventure, 3-5/preschool; Arthur and the Minimoys: The Series: 26x24 min., CGI, adventure/fantasy, boys 5-9; Maya the Bee: 130x12 min., CGI, adventure/comedy, 4-7; Mia and me: 78x23 min., CGI/live action, fantasy/adventure, girls 6-12; Drop Dead Weird: 62x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-12; Random & Whacky: 15x24 min., live action, comedy, 6-12; Ghost Rockers: 209x12 min. & 1x92 min., live action, mystery, 8-12.
TRAILERS: Please visit Studio 100 Media's Screening Room to view clips of Arthur and the Minimoys: The Series, Drop Dead Weird, Ghost Rockers, Heidi, Maya the Bee, Mia and me, Random & Whacky, Tip the Mouse and Wissper.

***Image***“Studio 100 develops and produces all forms of content, from theatrical movies to series, in both live action and CGI animation. Created by the group’s animation studios Flying Bark Productions, Little Airplane Productions, Studio 100 Animation and Studio Isar Animation, all productions are distributed by Studio 100 Media around the world. We extend our content into children’s rooms and lives with our international licensing and merchandising programs for both our new IPs and our established brands like Maya the Bee, Heidi or Mia and me. All fans of our characters experience their beloved heroes in live shows or theme parks across Europe. For Studio 100, this is the key to touching the hearts of kids and families and successfully entertaining them around the globe.”
—Dorian Bühr, Head, Global Distribution

Distributor Spotlight: Boat Rocker Studios

***Image***ADDRESS: 310 King St. E., Toronto, ON M6A 1K6, Canada
TELEPHONE: (1-416) 591-0065
WEBSITE: www.boatrocker.com
PROGRAMS: Kingdom Force: 52x11 min., 3D, action/adventure, 3-6; Love Monster: 54x7 min., 2D, comedy/adventure, 2-5; Remy & Boo: 52x11 min., 3D, adventure, 3-5; The Next Step: S6-7 52x30 min., live action, drama/comedy, tweens/teens; The Strange Chores: 2D, comedy/adventure, 6-11; The Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers: 52x11 min., 3D, comedy/adventure, 5-8; Bitz & Bob: 42x11 min. & 44x4 min. & 1x22 min., 3D, educational/adventure, 2-5; Danger Mouse: 94x11 min. & 5x30 min., 2D, action/comedy, 6-11; The Polos: 26x11 min., 3D/live action, adventure/educational, 2-5; You’re Called What?!: 13x30 min., live action, educational/wildlife, 6-11.
TRAILERS: Please visit Boat Rocker Studios' Screening Room to view clips of The Next Step, The Strange Chores, The Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers and You’re Called What?!

***Image***“Boat Rocker Studios, the content, distribution and brands arm of Boat Rocker Media, consists of Temple Street, Crooked Horse, Proper Television, Insight Productions, Matador Content, Boat Rocker Studios Kids & Family and a partnership with Industrial Brothers. Boat Rocker Studios Kids & Family has a distinctive portfolio containing 45 brands and 150 series with over 1,000 hours of active programming. This includes the global hit dance drama The Next Step (CBBC) and upcoming projects Love Monster (BBC, UYoung), Remy & Boo (Universal Kids), Dino Ranch (Disney Junior) and the preschool animated action series Kingdom Force (CBC).

Boat Rocker Studios’ distribution library includes the well-known kids’ and family favorites Danger Mouse, Kate & Mim-Mim and Tree Fu Tom. Also included are the family cult classics Rainbow, Count Duckula and the original Danger Mouse series. Rounding out the extensive distribution library are the brand-new comedy series The Strange Chores and The Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers.”
—Jon Rutherford, President, Rights & Managing Director

This Week's Top 5

Kids’ Content Buyers Talk Trends at ATF

Several leading kids’ content buyers weighed in on trends in the market during an ATF panel today, including Hopster’s Nick Walters, Amazon Prime Video India’s Vijay Subramaniam and WarnerMedia’s Leslie Lee.

2019 British Academy Children’s Awards Winners Announced

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has announced the winners of this year’s British Academy Children’s Awards, which celebrate the best in children’s media.

Sandbox Takes Majority Stake in Hopster

Hopster has closed a multi-million-pound equity investment round from Sandbox & Co. and Venture Founders, with the former now holding a majority stake in the business.

Studio Ghibli Films Becoming Available for Digital Purchase

GKIDS is planning to release the catalog of Studio Ghibli for digital download-to-own in the U.S. and Canada.

Christina Miller to Exit Cartoon Network

Christina Miller, president of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang and TCM, is planning to leave WarnerMedia at the end of the year, after nearly 15 years with the company.

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