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***World Screen at MIPCOM***

In our 36th year of publishing excellence, WORLD SCREEN, with our October (MIPCOM) 2021 editions, will demonstrate, yet again, why we are the most trusted and respected provider of news, interviews and analysis in the international media business. We have the best editorial team, the most comprehensive articles, the most important interviews, the most attractive layout, the finest printing (we won the Gold Ink Award for “Best Printed Trade Magazine in the World”), the best-quality paper stock and a controlled circulation. Don’t take our word for it—if you compare our recent MIPCOM editions to those of our competitors, you will see an abundance of evidence pointing to our position as the number one publisher in the business.

Here are the free benefits you will receive from advertising with us at MIPCOM:

1) We will place your advertisement on a right-hand page up front in WORLD SCREEN or, if you prefer, inside any of our targeted magazines—TV DRAMA, TV KIDS and TV REAL. These targeted magazines appear both inside WORLD SCREEN and as stand-alone publications with their own print and/or digital distribution at the markets, and their own circulation to programming executives worldwide. When you advertise in our targeted magazines, it's like being in TWO magazines for the price of one!

2) A company profile up front in the magazine featuring program highlights, an image of a show, a quote from an executive at the company and a headshot.

3) The profile will also be published in one of our daily newsletters during the weeks prior to the market.

4) The profile will also run on WorldScreen.com, TVKids.com, TVReal.ws, TVDrama.ws or TVFormats.ws.

5) We will also run your profile and advertisement in the digital editions—reaching 35,000 media executives a week before the market.

6) You will receive invaluable social media exposure by having your profile tweeted to @worldscreen’s followers.

7) As an advertiser, you will also get our listings services (including a color image of a program) in the October (MIPCOM) digital edition of TV LISTINGS.

8) Your listings will also be included in the October (MIPCOM) edition of the WORLD SCREEN APP, available for iOS and Android devices.

9) We will place video clips of your programs in your own Screening Room for MIPCOM on WorldScreenings.com, our video portal powered by Brightcove, for two months.

10) We will place your electronic button advertisement on the home page of any one of these 10 targeted websites—TVKids.com, TVFormats.ws, TVDrama.ws, TVReal.ws, TVEurope.ws, TVAsia.ws, TVLatina.ws, TVMEA.ws, TVUSA.ws and TVCanada.ws—for two months.

11) Your company's product news will receive priority treatment in our five online daily newsletters, ten online weekly newsletters and 22 websites.

We can offer you the following options:
— A single-page advertisement in the print and digital editions for US$2,500.
— A 2-page spread in the print and digital editions for US$4,000.
— A 2-page spread before the first page of editorial in the digital edition only for US$2,500.

You can also add an embedded video to your advertisement in any of our digital editions. The cost is US$750 per enhanced page. To learn more about this innovative service, click here

Also available at MIPCOM 2021: TV DRAMA GUIDE & TV KIDS GUIDE
Advertisers in the guides receive a full page of information about their company (including an executive’s headshot) opposite their ads. The guides will have print and/or digital distribution at MIPCOM, be mailed to our database of program buyers and sent out as digital editions to 30,000-plus readers before the market. In addition, distributor profiles from the guides will run in our e-mail newsletters TV Drama Weekly or TV Kids Weekly.


TV Kids Guide, TV Drama Guide

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For more information, please contact Ricardo Guise on rguise@worldscreen.com
or Dana Mattison on dmattison@worldscreen.com.

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